Experience The Oktoberfest This Year By Visiting Munich, Germany

OktoberfestGermany’s most popular festival, the Oktoberfest, is one of the most incredible parties on the planet and the good news is that this is one of the best you can possibly attend. For those that have never experienced it, Oktoberfest is a beer festival that’s organized every year and it is now a yearly tradition that dates back to eighteen ten when Prince Ludwig’s marriage was celebrated by Bavarians with great festivities. This is a sixteen day event that attracts more than six million people from all over the world every year and it’s a massive drawcard for many international tourists. Therefore, if you want to come here to celebrate and have a great time, here is what you need to know about it.

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Best museums and art centers to visit in Germany

the deutsches museumMuseum buildings have always been a great way for various institutions to refresh their programming and images, but they’ve also been a redoubt of architectural innovation. Since Europe is one of the best destinations you can consider to have an amazing vacation, but also learn more about various cultures and a lot of amazing things about human history, it’s only natural that you’d want to visit some of its museums. In this regard, there’s no better place where you can find as many extraordinary and interesting museums as in Germany. So with that in mind, let’s see which of them you should visit on your next vacation here.

The Deutsches Museum

Covering an area of more than 538195 thousand square feet, and having more than 17 thousand exhibits on display, this is the greatest museum of technology on the planet. The place was founded in nineteen oh three and it’s not only the size and collection of exhibits that draws hundreds of thousands of people here every year, but also the fact that they’re excellently arranged and feature clear explanations that enable everyone to follow the development of specific fields of technology and scientific discipline. To include some highlights, they are a number of very early military jet aircrafts, a take-off Dornier Thirty One transport aircraft and a few really rare German aircrafts.

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Travel Tips to Enhance and Facilitate Your European Travel

planeTraveling from the USA to Europe can seem like a daunting experience with many bureaucratic requirements. However, this is a misconceived notion, and European travel is actually very easy to arrange. It also offers a myriad of exciting tour opportunities so long as you make necessary arrangements by booking your flight and accommodation.

You can give yourself a classic treatment and seek limousine services such as Fredericksburg VIP limo (www.fredericksburgviplimo.com) to pick you up at your home and drop you off at the airport.  You don’t have to worry about traffic or parking.  Get your vacation started in style.

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Exploring The Wonderful Bavarian Alps in Germany

Bavarian AlpsMajestic mountains, green meadows and blue skies: these are just a few of the words that come to mind when it comes to describing the authentic essence of the Bavarian Alps. However, there’s a lot more to this incredible place, so if you plan to visit it and want to make the most of your time here, below we’re going to tell you more about the top destinations you should certainly visit when coming to the Bavarian Alps.

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A List Of Delicious German Foods You Should Try When Visiting Here

German food is delicious, substantial and also rich and each region in this wonderful country boasts its own gastronomical delicacies, including traditional cuisine. So if you plan on visiting Germany soon and you’d like to try some of its best foods, then you certainly have to check out the dishes below.


This is a dish that consists of noodles which are made from eggs and wheat flour and are very popular in the S. In most cases, they’ll be served topped with cheese and even roasted onions. Given the fact that they’re served directly from the pot, they can be quite hot, so make sure not to burn yourself.

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River cruises on the Rhine

cruises rhineTaking a cruise on the beautiful Rhine is going to be an amazing experience you’ll likely want to repeat in the near future and that’s because it’s simply amazing. On such a special cruise, you could wake up to dinner in Dusseldorf, lung in Cologne or breakfast in Rudesheim. However, if you want, you can even go further and that’s because the 820 mile river borders 6 countries, including Switzerland, The Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and Austria. One such cruise is also going to include great tributaries, such as the Neckar, Moselle and Main rivers.

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Top 5 Amazing Tourist Destinations In Germany That You Definitely Need To Visit

neuschwanstein palaceIn the past, Germany wasn’t actually considered a popular tourist destination, but after its reunification, that fact has greatly changed. Even though Berlin is the most popular tourist destination for everyone coming to Germany, there are also many other beautiful cities that you can explore when coming here. For example, Cologne is popular for its Gothic Cathedral which is one of the best of its kind on the continent.

Similarly, Heidelberg is among the very few cities that were spared from allied bombing, so many people come here in order to see the age old buildings and walk on the narrow streets. However, it’s not only the cities that tourists come here for and there are many other great things to see in Germany as we’re going to see in the paragraphs below.

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