Best museums and art centers to visit in Germany

the deutsches museumMuseum buildings have always been a great way for various institutions to refresh their programming and images, but they’ve also been a redoubt of architectural innovation. Since Europe is one of the best destinations you can consider to have an amazing vacation, but also learn more about various cultures and a lot of amazing things about human history, it’s only natural that you’d want to visit some of its museums. In this regard, there’s no better place where you can find as many extraordinary and interesting museums as in Germany. So with that in mind, let’s see which of them you should visit on your next vacation here.

The Deutsches Museum

Covering an area of more than 538195 thousand square feet, and having more than 17 thousand exhibits on display, this is the greatest museum of technology on the planet. The place was founded in nineteen oh three and it’s not only the size and collection of exhibits that draws hundreds of thousands of people here every year, but also the fact that they’re excellently arranged and feature clear explanations that enable everyone to follow the development of specific fields of technology and scientific discipline. To include some highlights, they are a number of very early military jet aircrafts, a take-off Dornier Thirty One transport aircraft and a few really rare German aircrafts.

The Glyptothek

the glyptothekIf you’re into sculpture, then the Glyptothek is one of the best such galleries you can consider. Completed in eighteen thirty, this is by far the oldest museum in Munich which features some of the most impressive collections of sculptures on the continent, much of it assembled by King Ludwig The First in the early XIX century. The exterior walls of the museum are lined with numerous statues and are windowless, while the museum’s rooms are lit by the central courtyard.

To number a few of the highlights that you’ll be able to see here, they are great figures from the pediment of the Aphaia Temple from five hundred BC, many rare works of Roman and Greek sculpture, a Sphinx belonging to an Aeginetan temple, the Greek Goddess of Peace, a statue of Irene and a sculpture of Homer.

The Treasury at the Residenz

The Treasury at the ResidenzThe Electors and Dukes of Bavaria have assembled many treasures over the centuries and because of that, the Treasure at the Residenz is one of the most valuable, most important and also the largest collection of its kind. The Treasury was actually founded in the XVI century by Duke Albrecht the Fifth and it managed to accrue a lot of treasures during Karl Theodor’s reign from the cities of Mannheim, Dusseldorf and Heidelberg.

The place is spread over more than 10 rooms and to offer a few examples of some the highlights you can find here, they include Chinese porcelain, Turkish daggers, ivories from Ceylon, many unique items from various European countries, a statuette of Saint George from fifteen ninety nine, a cross which seems to have been the personal possession of Queen Gisela from around one thousand AD and a prayer book from eight hundred and sixty AD. For those who come here the good news is that there are also free English audio guides available.

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