Top 5 Amazing Tourist Destinations In Germany That You Definitely Need To Visit

neuschwanstein palaceIn the past, Germany wasn’t actually considered a popular tourist destination, but after its reunification, that fact has greatly changed. Even though Berlin is the most popular tourist destination for everyone coming to Germany, there are also many other beautiful cities that you can explore when coming here. For example, Cologne is popular for its Gothic Cathedral which is one of the best of its kind on the continent.

Similarly, Heidelberg is among the very few cities that were spared from allied bombing, so many people come here in order to see the age old buildings and walk on the narrow streets. However, it’s not only the cities that tourists come here for and there are many other great things to see in Germany as we’re going to see in the paragraphs below.

Neuschwanstein Palace

This extraordinary and fantasy-like palace is probably the most photographed structure in the country. The Neuschwanstein Palace was built on the foothills of the Alp Mountains on a rugged hill for King Ludwig XI of Bavaria and it was completed in eighteen eighty six. Ever since, it has been an inspiration for millions of people, yet what it’s probably known best for is that it was the inspiration for the Castles in many of Disney’s productions, including The Sleeping Beauty. Similar castles can also be seen in various amusement parks around the world.

The Rhine Valleyrhine

This part of the Rhine Valley stretches from Koblenz to Binger and is actually steep sided with the ruins of an old castle and vineyards that cover each side of the hills. Since the terrain makes it a bit harder to get here, it has managed to help preserve the beautiful, and old history of the towns here. Besides sampling the wines of various vineyards and wine tasting, river cruises are quite a popular tourist attraction.


Also known as Lake Constance, Bodensee is one of the most famous attractions in Germany and also the biggest lake in the country. Lake Constance also shares its coastline with Austria to the E. and Switzerland to the S. Besides the lake’s otherworldly beauty and size, tourists coming here also visit the medieval town of Lindau. The city is connected to the mainland by rail and road and is situated on an island in the lake. In total there are about three thousand people living here in half timbered buildings.

The Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg GateDesigned and built for King Frederick William the 2nd in seventeen ninety one and modeled on the Acropolis in Athens, this massive sandstone was the first neoclassical structure in the city. The gate features 6 large columns on each side in order to create 5 great passages and measures 85 feet in height. The center was used by the royal carriages, while 4 of the columns were used by regular traffic. There’s also a massive chariot on top of the gate which is simply stunning to look at. The Berlin Gate is no doubt one of the most iconic structures in Germany and surprisingly, it was even part of the Berlin Wall for a few decades and symbolized the division of the city into the W. and E.

Cologne Cathedral

cologne cathedralAlso known as the Kolner Dom and lying on the banks of the Rhine, the imposing Cathedral of Saint Mary and Saint Peter is the most impressive landmark in Cologne. This is a work of art of High Gothic Architecture and one of the greatest (in terms of size) cathedrals on the continent. The building of the cathedral begun in twelve forty eight and it was the most difficult and impressive projects of the Middle Ages.

As towering as its facade, the incredible interior of the Cathedral covers an area of 66370 square feet and boasts fifty six massive pillars. On top of that high alter you can also see the Reliquary of the 3 Kings which is a twelfth century work of art designed by Nicolas of Verdun and is made completely out of gold. There are of course, many other amazing things you’ll be able to see here, including the Treasury with its wide range of precious objects, the XII and XIII century stained glass in the 3 Kings Chapel and the panoramic views from the S. Towers.

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