Ever thought of exploring Europe? Germany is the place to be. It is one of the countries that carry the “must-go-to” label. This 80 million inhabitant’s land is situated right in the middle of the continent; it is one of the best venturing, cosmopolitan, vibrant and easy to navigate countries in the world. Germany is a destination brimming with Europe’s most exciting cities, spectacular scenery and most interesting cultural pursuits.

Germany has a vast array of food, accommodations, and drink options for all its tourists. German food is great! With over 1500 types of sausages, delicious soups and stews, hundreds of types of bread and the best beer, Germany is the place to be. In additions, Germans love to celebrate. They have festivals such as Oktoberfest, Christmas, Carnival and Rhine in Flames.

This website is your best shot at finding out all the information and advice you need while touring Germany. If you are unsure whether to visit Germany or not, this site will help you will all the necessary guides you need to make a decision. Some of the key aspects featured in this site include the following;

– Top places to visit in Germany

– River cruises on the Rhine

– City of Berlin and Berlin Film Festival

– Exploring Medieval German and the Alps

– The Great Berlin wall

– Germany’s Art History and Culture

– Sports and outdoor activities in Germany- cycling, hiking windsurfing.

– Cities in Germany- Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, etc. Their major attractions and events.

– Best places to eat in Germany and their unique cuisines

– Festivals and their set date

– Best museums and art centers in Germany

– National parks in Germany.

Germany has the most dynamic urban landscapes in Berlin, its capital, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Leipzig. Each of this cities has its unique character that will greatly fascinate you. Germany also has about 300 theatres, 130 professional orchestras and a good number of art museums showcasing their different artwork.

Germany is the home of the high-performance cars and the best place to experience an adrenaline rush. It is synonymous with innovation and cosmopolitan living. The modern cities offer a variety of music, shopping bars and nightlife that are sure to keep you entertained. A visit to Germany is truly a great experience for you and your family.